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Keep the bill status accurate and up to date

Running a business either small or big means you are going to have a lot of confusion in billing and expense matters. There is no business in which you do not face such problems but the solution to this is always a wise brain to handle everything cleverly that never forgets anything. This is quite impossible to remember everything even after years and years. To cope with this problem, now you have a wonderful opportunity that is named as TimeLive.

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This is software that is web supported and can install on iPhone or other android devices. It has many features and some will be described here.The feature bill rates setup is amazing as it contains all the billable entries and invoices that are to be sent to the clients. Real time analysis is another amazing feature, that allows to keep check on the status of the billed amounts.

It is a computer in which there is no mistake and you can have any billing record no matter how old it is. Tax option is also there that helps to maintain the records of tax of the organization. Project management and budgeting feature is also in this software that manages expenses and projects all in once. This software is quite simple that there is no need of any special training to use this. Management department as well as employees can have it in their devices to be connected.

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Importance of timelive software

These days for running a successful business time live software plays an important role. This is because one can remain in touch with his business even remaining at distance places. Following are some areas which can be well managed through this software.

·         Time management

·         With the use of this software a person can stay connected with all the happenings related to the business. He can estimate the time period which may be used for a particular project. This software is also helpful to tell about the time spend by an employee for the completion of the project.

·          Time off tracking

Sometimes employees need off days for their personal matter. This software gives information about off days taken by an employee. This is helpful for the administrative authorities in defining wages and other privileges to the employees.

·         Notifications

The software is designed in such a way that it provides an opportunity about the progress of the project in the form of emails. This way employee can do their work more effectively. They can complete their work within time. If they forget some of the work task these notifications send reminder to him. check here for more (www.livetecs.com/quickbooks-timesheet)

·         Setup of policies

This software is helpful for setting up a policy about the work with employee. This policy making is helpful in increasing the validity of a project.

·         Reporting

Timelive software provides reports about the progress of the project. It gives reports about the work of employees. 

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Project Management & Budgeting

Timesheet software is used to complete the needs and requirements of the finance related projects which include reaching of some specific index or achieving the bonus set by the company along with those of the project management organization like software development for fulfilling the assigned goal in specified duration. An excellent feature of the timesheet software is that it does not require any particular type of learning or training sessions of employees and the organization can make use of the software soon after the installation. The only requirement for organization is the providing of web browser for online and easy access and they would be set to work.

Timesheet Management:

The managers can add timesheet open source notes to any project and also to the timesheet and expense sheets along with the approval or rejection of these. The process is quick and easy and can be accomplished by pressing a button after typing the notes within the provided box. The electronic timesheet is used for tracking and recording more than one project simply by adding new projects in the queue. Along with the approval of the timesheet the status of the timesheet is updated and notified to the employee who submitted that.

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Tracking of Expenses & Budgeting:

The expense tracking of the projects is become simpler and convenient while adopting the electronic timesheet which also helps in overcoming the errors of the traditional process. The budget can be calculated with the real time comparison of time and cost of the project.

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Monthly Expenses Calculator Software 2015

Expenses are the essentials both in professional and personal lives. A person works only to bear the multiple different types of expenses for accomplishing the needs and desires of life. This is considered essential for life. If expenses are not recorded appropriately then it could be a huge blunder both for business and personal expenses. That is the reason monthly expenses are recorded and maintained. With the introduction of technology, monthly expenses are now recorded in the applications and software to eliminate errors and bring efficiency. There are multiple different tools in the market to calculate the monthly expenses in order to track the income or budget of the month.

Need for Monthly Expense Calculator:

All the entries are recorded in the system so the chances of mixing and becoming unordered are eliminated from the monthly online timesheet QuickBooks expenses. All the taxes can be implemented by providing the formulas avoiding the calculative errors and improving the process. All the paperwork and personal efforts are reduced to finish approximately.

Services Offered by Monthly Expense Calculator:

There are different functions that are provided by the project timesheet calculator. Most interesting and attractive is the generation of the reports from the system about monthly expenses. These reports can be printed and exported if required. The calculator is provided with the option of customizing the application as per the demands and needs by providing control to the user without restrictions. These calculators are also integrated with other management tools assisting management of finances.